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Cocoa Bay Consulting – Amazon Advertising Management

Helping Brands Achieve Their Amazon Destination

We are a leading Amazon consulting agency dedicated to helping you grow your business in the Amazon marketplace through listing creation, listing optimization, advertising and other revenue generating strategies.


Our Consulting Services

Amazon SEO
Keyword Optimization
Amazon Ranking

For The Experienced As Well As Those Just Getting Started

Whether you are just starting out or have been in the Amazon marketplace for some time, online selling can be very challenging. Most of our clients fall into two groups: those that have been up and running for some time on Amazon and have been unable to realize significant growth, and new clients that want to hit the ground running.

Regardless of your level of experience with Amazon…..we are here to help you achieve your Amazon selling goals and take the burden of managing the details off you so you can focus on making new products and growing your business.

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Amazon listing optimization

Making a product stand out in the massive e-commerce marketplace that is Amazon can be challenging to both new and experienced sellers.  Amazon listings are made up of several elements which work together to make your products visible. Getting a single element wrong  could result in your products not being found and consequently, little or no sales.

Amazon Advertising Management

Getting the most out of your Amazon seller account takes more than strategic keyword placement and brand content generation. With more than one million small businesses using the Amazon marketplace, being ‘found’ is becoming harder by the day.  Through strategic ad campaigns, you can gain more traffic and realize more sales.

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Why hire an Amazon consultant ?

There’s a lot that goes into selling on Amazon. Not only do the sellers have to grapple with the challenges of manufacturing quality products, they also have to deal with the logistics of shipping them. Our Amazon listing services will optimize your product listings thus improving your search ranking and thus increasing your traffic and conversion rates. Apart from PPC ad management services our advertising management scope includes other digital marketing avenues such as Facebook Advertising

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